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Looking for an explainer video that will engage your audience and deliver Results? Look no further than Explainer Video Regina! Our team of highly skilled animators specialize in Whiteboard Videos, Animation Videos, RSA Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Explainer Animation, and Motion Graphics Animation. We are passionate about creating affordable and engaging video content for our clients using the power of Whiteboard and Animation videos. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, communicate complex information in a simple way, or boost sales and conversion rates, Explainer Video Regina has the perfect solution for you. Our explainer videos are creative, informative, and most importantly, effective. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals!

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iDream Enterprises Inc.

We are a Canadian company, which specializes in wholesaling Canadian-made original Hollywood movie filmcel presentation memorabilia. We are currently looking for dealers, please contact us if you are interested. We carry various collectible movie filmcel presentations and they are all unique as no two filmstrips are exactly the same. Our products have 5 key characteristics. 1. Original Hollywood theatrical 35mm filmstrips matted with an image from the movie. 2. Unique filmstrip for all Limited Edition products. Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity COA, Product Registration card and Serial Numbered hologram. 3. Professionally hand-made in Canada. Quality guaranteed! 4. Variety of styles available and more than 700 movies to choose from. Regularly update with latest released theatre movies. 5. Highly worth collectible and precious to all movie fan s. Our products vary from the very early years of Hollywood to today's blockbuster hits. The movie titles vary from the latest movies such as, Harry Potter 3, Shrek 2, Spiderman 2 and Troy to even the Bruce Lee's earliest Hollywood movie, Green Hornet and from Disney cartoon pictures to even back to the 50's classics. We supply a huge selection available in the memorabilia industry. We also offer Metro Goldwyn Mayer MGM TV series, movie concept art memorabilia and movie props such as XFiles, Stargate and The Outer Limits. These MGM memorabilia and movie props are supplied with Certificate of Authenticity from the MGM to ensure authentic. Our fantastic memorabilia are perfect for gifts to those movie lovers and collectors. As these products being limited editions, making them more precious for collectors to own.

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DataForm.NET is a powerful web control that helps you develop complex .NET data entry web form in minutes instead of hours or days. DataForm.NET does this by letting you map DataForm web control to relational databases and manipulate data without writing SQL command. It is only a web control; however, it is so powerful that it can create different data entry forms as some code generators do. DataForm.NET does not generate codes, you don't worry about reading and understanding thousands of lines of codes generated by other tools before you start working or just want to modify a small part of them. You may be interested in another important feature, no compile are needed if DataForm is changed, which means you will feel very comfortable to design and maintain dataforms in your application. The other features of DataForm.NET :Supports many web controls. Not only textbox, but DropDownList, checkbox, RadioButtonList, hidden textbox, etc.?can be used in DataForm Preview DataForm instantly. Supports MS Sql Server and Oracle Database.Easily Select, Insert, Update, Delete records in a database. Just a line of code for each database?operation. Export/Import the properties of DataForm. Developers can share their works with teammates. Field-level validation. According to each field's data type and attributes, the input value will be validated by both client-side and server-side before they are saved into database.Define custom JavaScript/VBscript on each field. Define appearance on each field by CSS/StyleDataForm.NET simplifies programming and lets you develop real-time and complex data entry forms. If you are a novice in developing applications in .NET, then this is the perfect tool for you. And if you are already an expert, you will enjoy its powerful features for speeding up your work. Both of you will find that DataForm.NET is very easy to use.

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Fieerce Inc.

Fieerce has a strong commitment in offering custom merchandise which tailors to other retailer's needs while effectively meeting customers demand.The company was founded in 2005 and growing by establishing a store in downtown Toronto on Queen st. W. Our goal is to expand across Canada and punch through the U.S. market. Fieerce came out agressively into the market with numerous radio and magazine ads.Every collection is self designed, providing chic and versatility that welcomes Toronto fashion to your wardrobe. Since Fieerce is self manufactured with own factories, we are able and guarantee to manufacture products with the shortest time while meeting quality expectations. Our diverse line consist of contemporary, evening wear, professional, and leisure/casual styles. All orders comes with a consignment period of 30 days.Companies requesting wholesale catalogue, please email us at xxxxx Catalogue distribution is restricted to retailers and corporate clients only.My Fashion, My Attitude!

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Exceltoner offers toner cartridges, laser toner, compatible toner, ink toner cartridges and more it is the one stop for all the toner needs. The company provides quality toner cartridges for all laser and inkjet needs of their customers.

Printing & Publishing

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People Innovations Canada Inc

WU Production is for businesses and individuals looking for low-budgeted yet effective advertising solutions and offer services that includes video production, photography and graphic design at a very reasonable rate.

Printing & Publishing

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D & D Industries

D & D Industries designs and manufactures furniture, display rack and newspaper rack merchandising tools and media banners that add value to your products and services in retail stores and at trade shows.We help you maximize the visual impact of your products and help you make the most of your retail space with our wide range of display racks, newspaper racks and wide range of merchandising displays and expert furniture designs. Our professional services include developing merchandising plans and commercial systems like our newspaper rack and display rack displays, to ensure that your literary, food, household, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or other products are well marketed. Our marketing tools will increase the visibility and public perception of your products in stores and showrooms.By offering customized newspaper rack displays and other merchandising furniture, we are able to meet specific needs, whether it is for your point of sale location, showcase, window display, exhibition or trade show.

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Printing & Publishing

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