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JinotepeCarazo NicaraguaCentral America Russia, Postal Code 0165JinotepeCarazo NicaraguaCentral America

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Telecommunications Antenna Antennas for Communications
Minerals & Metallurgy Alloy
Stainless Steel Other Stainless Steel
Energy Charcoal
  • (505)86-005-666

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ARCXIN Sociedad Anonima is cituated in Russia. Nicaragua, Central AmericaARCXIN Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as ARCXIN, S. JinotepeCarazo NicaraguaCentral America Russia, Postal Code 0165JinotepeCarazo NicaraguaCentral America. A. ARCXIN Sociedad Anonima specialized in Telecommunications, Antenna. ) is a company duly incorporated in compliance with the Laws of the Republic of Nicaragua, Central America.

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Minerals & Metallurgy

Construction & Real Estate

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